You propose your design and define a design cost per unit. We handle all remaining steps (publishing on online shop, sales, production, shipment) and you get your share in the end.

First of all, your designs shall be suitable for lenticular printing. You can find tips for a successful lenticular design here. Additionally, we expect that the whole design including underlying component’s belong to you. In case we decide that your design could be listed in our online shop:

  • We prepare required additional images and GIF’s and list them in our online shop. Sales price is calculated as the sum of base cost per unit and design cost per unit.
  • We produce a sample product of your design and ship it to your address
  • On product page, we provide attribution to designer and backlink to profile of the designer.
  • When you login to online shop, you can see total sales number of your printed design(s)
  • At the end of certain periods (typically monthly) your share from the sales is transferred to your account

You can contact us via to ask for more information or to share your designs.